Colors 2 - Any% by molsno

Morton's Empire - World 1 by SMWC

Level Name is Level Name by kangaroos_are_cool

Mario Wants His Lemonade by Gamma V

Shells are Still Awesome by CarlSagan42

Super Mario Arcade by zacmario

Monty Mole Island 2 - Any% by Green Jerry

Yoshi's Titanic Ass by CarlSagan42

Yoshi's Island - Drivin' Me Super Batty by CarlSagan42

Nachos and Fried Oreos - Tower of Babel Only by MiracleWater and GbreezeSunset

Jabem Select - The Big Lie by Arobam

Cinnamon Hills - Any% by AlanJacobs

Krack The Hack - Race to Credits by Daizo Dee Von, Mellonpizza

Volpey's Friend - First Two Worlds by pogyo

Elephants and Elephants and Elephants by not morsel

Mini Kaizo 1 by MitchFlowerPower

This Hack Was Made in 2 Hours
7 Exits by ft029

This Hack Needs a Name
3 Castles, No Star Road by yeahman

Super Mallow World - Any% through Castle 3 by FedoraFriday and the Catbus Collective

Fishing Season 2 - Any % by Mandew

Super Gracie World - Any % by white_moth

The Hooray! - Fishing Season - All Exits by Mandew

IDK my BFF Boss Bass by kangaroos_are_cool

Vanilla: Made to Order - 14 Exit by Gamma V

Quickie World 100% by Valdio